Maureen Dietz | Photo by Peg Farwig Photography

Peg Farwig Photography


I find inspiration in nature, above all. The stunning shapes, lines, and colors of the natural world inform every design. Painting, printmaking + textiles from around the world and throughout history inspire & inform my collections. I am particularly moved by art from the early Italian Renaissance, Japan, & the Modernists.

Designing, for me, is a practice of remaining open to possibility and expansion. Each new idea or color combination is a thrill to discover. Fun, simplicity, warmth, and beauty is at the heart of each collection!

I have been drawing & painting from a young age. My background includes earning an MFA in painting from the San Francisco Art institute, as well as teaching art to children of all ages.

My best creative days contain a little meditation, a cup of hot tea, & some gentle curiosity. And I’m never too far from the tumbling fun of my three boys.

Get in touch with me here. Let me know how I can meet your needs for original and custom pattern design!